What Kind Of Batteries Do Blink Cameras Use?

What Kind Of Batteries Do Blink Cameras Use

Blink Cameras are security cameras with built-in cameras. They can be found in practically every home in the United States, and they are easy to use and install. The devices use batteries that we can find in many places worldwide. You need to understand the different types of batteries before purchasing or replacing them, as they do not all work well together or last over time.

The Lithium Battery works well with a Blink Camera and will last for 2 years on a full charge, but it is not rechargeable Li-ion batteries like its alkaline counterparts. So, in this article, we will tell you what kind of batteries do blink cameras use and what you need to know about these. So, let’s have a comprehensive look!

Battery Brands Compatible With Blink Cameras

In general, a Lithium battery is much more expensive than an Alkaline battery. The higher dollar value can be explained by Li-ion’s greater capacity to store energy. The Li-ion has more power than the alkaline battery, which is why they are more expensive, but some have reported that their Li-ion batteries have been drained after only 2 months of use.

Such is the life of a lithium-based battery. When you use a lithium battery, ensure that your Blink Camera is compatible with it. When buying a Lithium battery, look for brands such as Duracell batteries and Energizer batteries. The batteries for Blink security cameras are sold in packs of 3 or four, and if you need more than four batteries, you will have to buy them separately.

Duracell Optimum AA Batteries

Duracell is a leader in alkaline batteries and the most well-known brand name. They come in many different lengths, but the ones that work for Blink cameras are AA lithium batteries or AAA. The company has been around for many years, and they are trusted by many because of their long-term reliability.

A Duracell AA’s average longevity is 2 years, but this can vary from a few months to more than twice that time. Most last 30 days, and if you have the more expensive Duracell AAA, which are said to have a longer life and lower price. Use only rechargeable AA Lithium Batteries with your Blink Camera, as these won’t work with regular alkaline batteries.

Energizer AA Lithium Batteries 

Energizer sells a range of batteries compatible with Blink Cameras, and many users prefer. The Energizer Lithium AA batteries have a long life, last longer, and perform better. The battery is too weak to be used with the sensor in Blink Cameras, and the AAs are rated at 1 year of battery life, often more than two.

Consistent with what you would expect from Energizer lithium battery, these batteries can be used for multiple devices, and they also have a longer shelf life than regular alkaline.

Bevigor AA Lithium Batteries 

These Bevigor AA lithium batteries are the cheapest and most reliable if you want to use lithium batteries. They are cheaper than Duracell and Energizer, but they have longer battery life.

They can be used with a focus camera without any errors or problems, and they are affordable, despite being made by a lesser-known company. The batteries last 1-3 months longer than alkaline batteries meaning that you don’t have to change them as often, if at all.

Enegitech AA Lithium Batteries

These batteries have the same cost and charge as the Bevigor batteries, but they have a much longer lifespan and are more reliable. The battery life is 6-10 months long, depending on how often the camera is used, unlike alkaline and ultimate lithium AA batteries.

If you want a great AA battery that won’t leave you stranded on a cold night or a rainy day, then this is the one to buy. They are also cheaper than Energizer Lithium AA Batteries.

AA lithium batteries will last longer, unlike alkaline batteries, especially if fully charged. They are less likely to be drained on cold or hot days. The alkaline batteries will not work with a focus Blink Camera because they focus too much, and you may get blurry images when you use them. If the camera is very close to you and is focused, the battery may run out of juice otherwise.

Using rechargeable batteries with your Blink Camera is not the best option, even if they are compatible. The reason is that the rechargeables will fast charge and then drain quickly, leaving you with a camera that doesn’t work when you need it the most.

The best way to use a rechargeable battery is to charge it before use and only use it when necessary. If you want to save some cash, it’s better to use alkaline or lithium batteries than these.

Blink Cameras use various batteries, including Lithium, Alkaline, and Rechargeable batteries. Each battery type has its advantages and disadvantages over the others. It would help if you chose what fits your budget and uses.

Blink Camera batteries will last a considerably long time when you take the right steps. It is recommended that you replace the batteries every 6 months or so. This means that the lithium batteries will last much longer than alkaline and regular rechargeable ones.

The lithium AA batteries will last for 3 months, and the price to recharge them is much higher than buying new ones. The Blink camera uses AA batteries and has a standard lifespan of 6-12 months, depending on usage.

Some users have also reported that their Blink cameras stop working even when the batteries are not completely drained. If you want to avoid this, check the battery life by pressing the button on the front of your camera from time to time. This will let you know what kind of battery life is available so that you can change it before it drains too much.


Finding the best batteries for Blink cameras can be a challenge because the camera is not just any ordinary device. It would be best to have batteries that won’t drain too quickly and will last you a considerable amount of time before they need to be changed. The brand you use and the battery type make a difference as well.

To save yourself some time and money, look for more common batteries such as Duracell AAs or Energizer AAA’s. These will work best with your Blink cameras, and they are affordable.

Many users have reported that they found lithium batteries to be the best choice. They last longer than alkaline and rechargeable ones and use the same type of battery you likely have in your home right now. So, be careful and choose the best ones according to your fit and choice!

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