Traditional Pre Wedding Poses Ideas, Tips & Inspiration!

Traditional Pre Wedding Poses

A pre-wedding photoshoot is an important event for the bride and groom. As many wedding photographers will tell you, it is a chance to have fun with their bride and groom and test how they work as a team.

The pre-wedding shoot takes place before the wedding day. Bride and groom will be limited, so it is important to test together the photographer couple and communicate their ideas, plans, and wishes.

If you love traditional wedding photography poses, you will love these pre-wedding photography poses tips and ideas for bride and groom in 2022.

15 Traditional Pre Wedding Poses You Will Surely Fall In Love With

1) Hold Hands on a Wooden Wall

Hold Hands on a Wooden Wall

Your photographer will take you to the location, where you will pose on the wooden wall of a room or a corridor. It is better to do it in infamous historic buildings, like the Sacre Coeur in Paris or Versailles.

It is a perfect shot for you to try the new wedding dress, which will probably look better in photographs than on your first day at the church.

2) To Stay in Each Other’s Arms Forever

To Stay in Each Other's Arms Forever

The romantic pictures for a wedding photographer, when the bride and groom stand on a wooden floor with their heads resting on each other’s shoulders. This image looks great in black and white, but it is less attractive if you cut your heads off, so make sure you hire a professional photographer.

3) Go for a Walk Hand in Hand

Go for a Walk Hand in Hand

Your wedding photographer will drive you to the location where you will photograph every step of your walk slowly. You can also do it in the open or at night. It is an excellent opportunity to show your personality.

4) Stay in Each Other’s Arms on a Bench

Stay in Each Other's Arms on a Bench

Your wedding photographer will take you to the location where you will pose on a garden bench. The idea is similar, but it looks better if you take a seat instead of standing, although it is less classic than the previous image.

You can also record your voices and talk about each other or share funny memories or embarrassing moments from years ago.

5) To Talk to Each Other

To Talk to Each Other

We don’t mean talking to each other in your language. We want you to talk to each other in sign language, body language, and gestures. Your wedding photographer will tell you what poses “move the story forward.”

Maybe, it will be a sign pointing to the future, a sign of a new house, or even a book with a dedication to your friends and family. It is an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about each other.

6) Colourful Smoke Bombs Work Wonders

Colourful Smoke Bombs Work Wonders

It is an excellent opportunity to use a smoke bomb, but don’t use it without an expert’s help. There are various smoke bombs for various purposes.

The gray ones are used to fill the room with gray smoke, which will look pretty much like smoke from incense or candles. The best way is to use bright colours smoke bombs, which will create a beautiful halo around your face and body.

7) Craziness flaunted with ring

Craziness flaunted with ring

It is an excellent opportunity for you to try your wedding ring for the first time, show it to the camera and send it to the future in the form of a photograph. Of course, you can also wear other rings on your fingers and show them off simultaneously.

8) To Try Different Outfits on Each Other

To Try Different Outfits on Each Other

This can be funny, like putting on different outfits and asking which one is better. You can also try different headpieces or even different hats. You can also try different colors and accessories. Make sure to communicate with your photographer and make each other comfortable.

9) Share a Cup of Coffee

Share a Cup Of Coffee

We want you to share a cup of coffee or tea, preferably in the open air. It will be an excellent opportunity to talk about your future homes but do not forget that it is important to listen and speak. It won’t work if one partner constantly talks while the other smiles and nods.

10) Proposal moment on repeat

Proposal moment on repeat

You can secure your proposal on a ring simultaneously as the unique pre-wedding shoot ideas. It will be one of the best moments in your pre-wedding photography poses. We recommend that you do not ask a photographer to photograph this moment since they already have their ideas of what should be in each pose.

11) Mehndi pose in Indian style

Mehndi pose in Indian style

Mehndi is also a great opportunity to try out different forms and styles of mehndi. It is better to do it in a traditional mehndi salon, but if no one is nearby, you can also make a nice little salon for the day.

12) Forehead kiss for the promise of love

Forehead kiss for the promise of love

It is an excellent opportunity to use your forehead instead of your lips for a kiss. It can be a romantic mood deep or funny. You can also show the first kiss on your head simultaneously, which will look pretty funny and interesting.

13) Facing Each Other as a Mirror

Facing Each Other as a Mirror

You can do a classic mirror pose. But this one is better if you face each other like a mirror because it will look both romantic pose and creepy at the same time. You can also use your background or take some of your homes. It makes a nice couple of photos that work well with first-time wedding photography poses ideas.

14) Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the best medicine. It will be an excellent opportunity for you to take a few funny and unexpected pre-wedding photos. If you are not cute, you can use your phone to record some funny sound effects and play it back again so that your photographer can record both of you laughing at the same time.

15) Crashing Into Each Other in Love

Crashing Into Each Other in Love

It is an excellent opportunity for a pose that looks like falling in love and being crushed into each other. It is better if you are outside in the open, but if there is some nearby scenery and background, it will be nice too.

Planning Your Prewedding Photoshoot (Tips)

Tip 1: Preparation for the big day should begin at least several months before the wedding. If you are involved in multiple weddings, this will allow enough time to complete all preparation steps without rushing.

Tip 2: You should have some photos were taken before your big day (pre-wedding planning). You might be in a line for a few hours, or even the whole day. Taking photos during the rehearsal will save time and prevent you from getting stressed out.

Tip 3: All guests must arrive at the wedding venue in time for the ceremony. A photographer would not need to take additional photos of late people because they could miss their chance to take photos with you or of you.

Tip 4: You should have your long veil and shoes or boots ready, so you don’t have to deal with them in the first place. You can have them tied, tied, or tied on the chair in advance.

Tip 5: Don’t be shy! It is your wedding day, and you deserve to look as beautiful as possible. If you want to change something, ask your photographer first. Do not forget to smile!

Tips for a Succesful Pre-wedding Shoot

1) Meet with your photographer before the pre-wedding photo session

It is good to meet with your wedding photographer before the pre-wedding shoot. This way, you will get to know your wedding photographer, their style, and their philosophy so that you can better deliver what you want to see in your photos. Also, they will get to know you and understand how to fulfill your expectations better.

2) Discuss the look of the pre-wedding:

Discuss the look of the pre-wedding

Some photos are better if they are as close as possible to reality. For example, if you plan a traditional wedding with a full bridal gown and a tuxedo, it would be best to shoot in similar clothes.

Also, do you want to include your family and furry friend in the photo or just the couple? Discuss your ideas with your photographer. In this way, they will know who to invite for the shoot.

3) Talk about the poses you like to see in the photos:  

It is important to discuss knowing your photographer beforehand what you would like to see in the pre-wedding pictures.

You can also give your photographer a list of poses you like, each with a description. For example: “a tree on her shoulder” or “a kiss on her forehead.”

This way, your photographer will know what to look for when they are shooting you, and they can put those kinds of shots in their portfolio.

4) Choose the right location:

There are many places where you can get a traditional pre-wedding shoot. However, some locations work better than others.

I love to shoot in parks, gardens, and historical places. They bring a more romantic feeling to the images and give “wedding day.”

However, other locations are great for outdoor shoots, such as churches and cemeteries.

5) Suggest activities instead of poses:

Suggest activities instead of poses

After discussing the poses, you want to see in the photos, write down a list of activities that can make a good photo.

For example: “hold hands while they are walking,” “kiss while running,” “walk through a gate.” The possibilities are endless.

The photographer will know how to put those shots in their portfolio if they don’t have enough pictures.

6) Write a list of poses that you want to see:

Use the list and write down the poses you would like to see in your pre-wedding shoots. This way, your photographer will know what kind of photos you are looking for and what to look for when they are shooting you.

7) Practice the poses before the shoot:

It’s better to practice some of the poses before the shoot so that they won’t be out of place on your wedding day. This will also give the photographer a better idea of what kind of photos you would like to see.

8) Be prepared for some posing challenges:

There is no way to get ready for every pose in the photoshoot. It is possible that you won’t be very available in one pose. Be aware of this issue so that you don’t feel discouraged when there are not very many poses that you can do.

9) Capture candid moments:

Capture candid moments

Also, try to capture some candid photography moments. These kinds of photos tell a great story about your personality and relationship.

10) Wear what you are comfortable with:

You will be wearing the same clothes for the pre-wedding photoshoot as with the wedding day. It is important to wear clothes that you think you feel great in them, making you feel comfortable.

11) Ask your photographer what poses they are going to use:

When you choose a pre-wedding photoshoot location, ask the photographer what poses they will use.

It’s important to know this information ahead of time to prepare by wearing clothes that fit well with the poses. Also, it will give your photographer ideas of the kind of photos they are going to take.

12) Capture the details:

Details are important in your photos. For example, if you plan to wear a dress, then ask your photographer to pay special attention to the details of the dress and accessories.

It is also good to ask your photographer to snap some photos as you are getting ready. These kinds of photos will be great memories of you with your family and friends while you are getting ready for the photoshoot.

13) Frame within a frame:

Frame within a frame

If you can, find some interesting frames to put in your photos. For example, if you are having a photo shoot at a park or garden, ask your photographer to include some interesting objects in the photo, such as a statue, tree, or flowers.

14) Be creative:

You can also try some creative ideas that you’ve had in mind.

15) Dress according to the location of the photoshoot:

When you choose an outdoor location for your pre-wedding photoshoot, it’s important to check how cold or hot it is outside.

Final Words

I hope you enjoy the poses and tips and that they will be a wonderful memory of you and your loved one. Also, remember to check the wedding photographer’s portfolio so that you can get an idea of the kind of photos the photographer takes. As always, if you like this article, please share it with your friends and family.

Happy snapping!

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