Cute Mother Daughter Photo Shoot Ideas And Tips In 2022

Mother Daughter Photo Shoot Ideas

Daughters and mothers have a unique bond that will never break, and the best way to preserve this beautiful relationship is through creativity.

If you have a daughter either just born or turning two years old in 2022 or just married, consider planning a cute mother-daughter photoshoot for one of their birthdays as a lasting memory of their time together so far. Here are some tips to help you plan an unforgettable photoshoot.

20 Best Mother Daughter Photo Shoot Ideas And Poses

1) Getting Ready and Planning

Getting Ready and Planning

The best time to take these photos is during the spring and summer when the weather is warm enough for you and your daughter to be comfortable in nice, light clothing without having to bundle up.

Select a spot where you can take photos outside, like a scenic park or beach, or even your backyard if it has sufficient greenery to provide an attractive backdrop.

2) Props


Photo props can include anything from flowers to stuffed animals or other toys relevant to your little girl; you can even get her a new outfit, especially for the photoshoot, if you feel she needs it.

As any parent will tell you, children can be unpredictable, so it’s best to have a backup plan in case the weather turns bad, or your daughter refuses to cooperate.

3) Enjoy a Picnic

Enjoy a Picnic

If you’ve decided to take the photoshoot outdoors, then pack a picnic basket or set up your outdoor table so you can enjoy some time with your daughter while taking the photos. It will give you a chance to bond with her, and it will also help her feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

4) List Out The ‘Must-Haves.’

List Out The 'Must-Haves.'

Before heading out to the photo shoot, make a list of the items you need to bring with you so your daughter won’t get bored. This will also help you prepare for what type of camera equipment you might need, so open up your camera and take out everything while thinking about what would be needed.

5) Include Everyone in the Photoshoot

Include Everyone in the Photoshoot

Involve other family members in these photos, especially if they have strong bonds with your daughter as well. The more people you include in the photo, the more special it will be for your little girl, and you can even take a family photo of everyone.

6) Have Fun

Have Fun

One of the most important aspects of this photoshoot is to have fun with your daughter. Be sure to take photos that show her personality, and don’t forget about those candid shots where she’s laughing or making silly faces.

You’ll want these photos as well as the posed ones when she looks sweet and cute.

7) Street Style Look

Street Style Look

Your daughter’s style is important when choosing clothes for her photoshoot, so you need to ask her to select something that will go well with the other women in the photo. Be sure to choose clothes that look decent, but you also want to keep them stylish.

The best kind of street style look is one that’s casual and comfy instead of being too stuffy, so include some casual pieces like sweaters, t-shirts, and skirts in the photos.

8) Near the Water

Near the Water

You don’t want to take the photoshoot too far from where you live, so you can plan one near a park or even right in front of your backyard.

Remember to point out nearby landmarks, like the birdhouse your girl loves and a special tree she always climbs on.

9) Try Same Outfit

Try Same Outfit

If you want to include your daughter’s clothes in the photo, then it’s a lot easier to do so if you plan the same outfit for both the photo shoot and for backdrops.

If she has several different outfits, you can alternate them between the two photoshoots, so more outfits are available if she changes her mind again.

10) Shopping Ladies

Shopping Ladies

If your daughter doesn’t have a lot of clothes, then she should be able to select some outfits that are either cute or practical. Remember not to grab clothing that will go out of style as soon as you get it.

11) Dressing Up

Dressing Up

Be sure to include both casual and formal attire in the shoot, so you can choose clothes that will look good in any situation. You can coordinate your daughter’s outfits with color schemes and other accessories like belts or jewelry, so it looks perfect together.

12) Get as Close as You Can

Get as Close as You Can

It’s a good idea to take the photos as close as possible, but make sure the photos are up to your high standards. You want to keep it natural and not too posed because that will make the photos feel too stiff. Get up close and personal with your daughter after choosing a nice background like flowers or greenery.

13) Go on Riding a Bike

Go on Riding a Bike

You can also do some fun activities with your daughter when planning the photoshoot, and riding a bike is one of them. Before the photo shoot, you and your daughter can decide on a route that’s family-friendly as well as scenic.

It might be a good idea to have some child cyclists join you for this photoshoot because it will look more authentic if someone else is in the photos with her.

14) Home Alone

Home Alone

Another fun idea is to have your daughter come home by herself and do her photoshoot. Then, you can choose many shots that will look cute on the computer or Instagram.

Take into consideration everything she does while she’s at home on her own, and try to capture it all in one of those beautiful photos only a mom would take.

15) Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

You don’t have to do a photo shoot to photograph your daughter sleeping, but it can be fun and meaningful if you take these photos. For example, you could have her pose with a stuffed bear or puppy she loves; however, it’s also a great idea to ask her to create artwork or draw something from her dreams.

16) Hold Each Other as Hard as You Can

Hold Each Other as Hard as You Can

If you have a daughter who is clinging to you like a little monkey, then take the photo shoot outside and ask her to hold your hand too. Then, you can immediately put them on Facebook for everyone to see.

17) Lift Each Other Up

Lift Each Other Up

Mothers should lift daughters, but it also works the other way around. Ask her to grab your hands and then place them in an upward-facing position so you can look like you’re flying.

18) Photoshop Jokes

Photoshop Jokes

Even though Photoshop can be used for great things, it’s also a good idea to use it for some funny jokes that your daughter will love. You can say her legs are much shorter than her arms or ask her to pose with a chocolate bar or pie in between her teeth.

19) Open Up Your Mind

Open Up Your Mind

Don’t forget to open your mind while planning the photoshoot and use your imagination. Your daughter will have fun if you let her have some creative input, so instead of something like holding a stuffed bear, you could think of anything else that might be fun to photograph.

Try different positions and create unique ideas with what you’ve found in your own house.

20) Recreate a Photo from the past

Recreate a Photo from the past

You can also create your photoshoot from old pictures you already have. For example, you can take a picture of her and give her a long dress and some fancy jewelry for the photoshoot, or you could combine two old photos to create a more dramatic look.

That way, you can choose something important to your daughter in the past, and she will know exactly what kind of special photoshoot it is.

Final Words

Mother-Daughter Photo Shoot

You can do the photoshoot for your daughter even if she’s not a baby anymore, so there’s no reason not to include her. It’s also a great idea to include other people in the photos, especially if it’s just the two of you. You can ask your children and grandchildren to be included in the photo as well.

Picture perfect moments like this are important to remember and cherish, so by taking some epic family photos; you’ll be able to see your child grow up through these images.

Remember to use this story as inspiration for some ideas for your photoshoots!

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