20 Male Boudoir Photo Ideas And Tips You Must Try Now

Male Boudoir Photo Ideas

Boudoir photography is a type of photography that highlights and celebrates the sensual side of men and women. It’s no surprise that this genre is growing in popularity.

Whether you want a special gift for your spouse or to remind yourself of your sensuality, male boudoir photography is worth considering.

If you want to learn more about male boudoir photography and what it offers, I can help. I’ve created this post to get some ideas and tips on how and what to do if you decide to do this type of photography.

I have written all the content, a professional photographer who specializes in male boudoir photography. The steps are easy, simple, and straightforward for those who’re interested in going on with this type of photography.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer, though being good at taking photographs is beneficial since it shows when taking the photos of your partner, whether they are shy or not.

20 Male Boudoir Photo Ideas For Perfect Men’s Boudoir Photography

1) Use Props:

Use Props

You can use props for a more creative and dynamic photoshoot. You don’t have to go overboard with the props, but having one or two will make a world of difference.

2) Location:


Where do you plan on shooting? You should select a relaxing environment. This may be anywhere from a bedroom to a tropical island. Put yourself in your partner’s mindset and try to decide on an appropriate location that will enhance the photos. If you can’t decide, you can always ask him where he would like to shoot!

3) Lighting:


To add to the mood of your shoot, you’ll need to utilize light appropriately. Natural light often works well. It’s a good idea to choose a time of day that offers soft sunlight. The sunlight should illuminate your partner without being too bright.

It can be achieved by gauging the amount of light outside before shooting. You can also use lighting equipment if you want more options, but natural light is often sufficient.

4) Composition:


The composition of your photos refers to their arrangement and how they are framed. A well-composed photo will highlight your subject attractively and promote the best features of the photograph.

Think about what you’re trying to show with the boudoir photos and arrange them accordingly. You can use popular techniques such as the rule of thirds to achieve a more visually appealing composition.

5) Flaunt It:

Flaunt It

Boudoir photography is all about showing off your figure. If you’re not comfortable with your body, then you might have trouble getting into the mood for this type of photoshoot.

However, don’t worry if you’re not built perfectly or don’t like your body. Everyone has their imperfections, and boudoir photos are all about flaunting what makes you unique rather than trying to look perfect.

6) Have fun:

Have fun

The most important thing when taking boudoir photos is to have fun. The resulting photographs should reflect your enjoyment. If you like to do things in a certain way, don’t hold back!

Just follow your instincts and have fun while shooting. Your partner will appreciate it, and the results will be great!

7) Get Last-Minute Help:

Get Last-Minute Help

You can ask a friend or family member for help if you want to get some advice on shooting boudoir photos. You may also hire a professional photographer to help you out. A pro will create beautiful photos that highlight your partner’s best features and allow them to look their best.

8) Shoot Their Intimacy:

Shoot Their Intimacy

It can be more intimate if you want to shoot in a setting that involves showing your unclothed body through the camera lens. It can give you a feeling of being more relaxed, especially if you are uncomfortable being nude.

9) Get Waxed and One Arm Flexed:

Get Waxed and One Arm Flexed

Doing boudoir photography does involve having your body waxed. A little bit of hair removal for men is not as big as for women since men have more hair.

However, one of the most important things in boudoir photography is to flex your arm and not to show any hair on your arm. It can give the pictures a more creative look and feel that you may want to achieve.

10) Have fun with the Lighting:

Have fun with the Lighting

You can do some free-flowing natural light photography by adding lighting equipment such as flashes, lights, etc. You can also use lighting equipment if you want more options and are interested in achieving different effects with your photos.

11) Change Clothes During the Photoshoot:

Change Clothes During the Photoshoot

It’s quite a bit more fun to have your partner change clothes instead of having him wear a specific outfit that you choose. This will allow you to experiment and try different combinations of clothing.

12) Experiment with Manipulation:

Experiment with Manipulation

You can also use manipulation if you want to know how it will turn out. You can manipulate the clothing, hair, Lighting, color, etc. This will add more creativity and fanciness to the photos.

13) Blurring:


You can also give a blurred background to make it look more like an artistic shot. This is especially good if you focus on your partner’s face rather than his body.

14) Shoot Silhouettes:

Shoot Silhouettes

If you want to add more creativity to your photos, you can also use silhouettes. This is a creative way to create large-scale images and show more of the body than just a close-up shot.

15) High Key:

High Key

If you want the background of your photos to appear soft, you can do high-key photography by using a backlit exposure setting. You’ll have better control with this method, and it’s ideal for boudoir photography as well as artistic pictures.

16) Low Key:

Low Key

You can also take low-key photos by using backlighting, giving everything an orange tint, or using black and white cameras to achieve the same effect.

17) Nail the pose:

Nail the pose

Taking a very simple pose can give you a lot of room to change things later. It’s especially easier to manipulate poses if you want photos more focused on your partner’s face rather than his body.

You can adjust the pose and the positioning to make it easier for you to do an effective boudoir shoot. If you try harder, then better results will come out.

18) Go All Out:

Go All Out

If you want to make things work, then go all out! Take photos in different colors and backgrounds, have different poses so that your partner can be featured in different ways, etc.

19) Less Is Better:

Less Is Better

If you want to achieve something unique, then don’t overdo it. When experimenting, it’s best to start with a simple pose and then move on to another pose if the first one doesn’t work.

20) Use Bokeh:

Use Bokeh

You can also use the bokeh effect in your boudoir photos. This works best when using macro flash photography. You can also use pricey studio flashes and studio strobes to achieve this type of boudoir photography.

To make the boudoir shoot more successful, you can also increase the distance between you and your partner to create an air of intrigue between you two.

Final Words

You can effectively take photos of your partner if you follow these tips. Use a variety of poses and different clothing and accessories to enhance your boudoir photoshoot.

If you want to achieve a more creative look, you can remove some lights or change your camera settings. However, remember not to get too carried away with things to ruin the natural look of your photos. Follow these tips and pointers on how to shoot boudoir photography to achieve great results!

You now know how hard it is for men to pay for a boudoir photoshoot for their partners. So, you should make it up to them by taking advantage of the gift they are giving you.

These tips and pointers can help you show your partner that you love him and appreciate everything he’s done in your life. It can be a lot more rewarding than any toy or jewelry around the world – so don’t disappoint him!

Make sure to take advantage of the tips we just discussed because they will help you take great boudoir photos for your partner. You can even give these tips to him to learn more about photography and how it works.

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