How To Disable Ring Camera? (Simple Steps)

How To Disable Ring Camera?

Ring cameras are quite new to the market and have seen a lot of inconsistent complaints. They are essentially smart doorbells that you can use to alert people if you’re coming home, but they also have an added feature: a camera that can film your exterior view.

Some people love this feature, while others find it unsavory and invasive. If you’re unsure whether these ring cameras are right for your property, this will help guide you through disabling them on your router.

Ring cameras are essentially the same as any other smart ring doorbell and security cameras, but with a camera attached. It means that you can use the ring app tap to get alerted when someone rings your doorbell.

You can also use it to see who is at your door (if they are in the range of your camera). A motion detection sensor is also attached to the Ring, which sets off an alert or alarm system if someone walks past it.

In a nutshell, these Ring surveillance cameras are little more than a smart ring doorbell that can send you motion notifications when someone rings your doorbell. It temporarily disables recording videos or taking photos of your property, and it simply gives you an alert in the form of notification when someone rings the doorbell.

If you want to turn it off, your only option is to disconnect your unit’s power source physically, but even this isn’t as simple an operation as we’d like. If you are looking for an easily disabled ring camera, this article can help you.

Ways To Disable the Ring Camera

Disable Ring Camera

How To disable ring camera? Well! Firstly, you need to download the Ring app on your phone. It would be best to be prompted to do so when you unbox it, but you should also have access to the ring app once you take your new unit out of its box. The ring app allows you to perform all functions and settings with the camera.

Turning Off the Ring Doorbell Motion Sensitivity 

There are two options that this is possible. The first is through the settings menu, and the second is by using your camera’s motion record sensitivity feature. If you have a pet cat or dog, we recommend that you turn off motion detection sensors to trigger it.

Follow these steps to disable the ring camera motion sensor temporarily:

  • Open the ring app
  • Select the ring device
  • Choose the motion settings
  • Put the slider in front of “people only” to disable it and temporarily disable Ring camera motion detector sensor.

Turning Off Ring Motion Alerts 

If you decide that you don’t want to get pushed alerts when someone walks past your Ring camera or sets it off, this is also possible. But it requires you to do a little more work if you are using the Ring app feature.

Triggered by your camera’s motion sensor, these alerts are sent to you as a push notification, an email, or even a phone call. Again, if you have any pets that may set off the record motion sensor, then we recommend you turn this off too.

Follow these steps to disable the ring camera record motion sensor:

  • Open the ring app
  • Select the ring device
  • Choose the motion settings and click on the motion schedule
  • Now you can see customized time and day in the window. You can turn off motion alerts now.
  • Save the changes and settings you have made. A notification should pop up asking you if you’re sure that you have made the change. Confirm it by putting your thumb on the OK button and holding it still until a confirmation pops up on your screen, then remove your finger from the button and click OK on that window too .

Controlling the Motion Record Control

Motion Record Control

This is the third way to stop the Ring camera from sending notifications. And one that a lot of people overlook. It allows you to pause Video or Motion recording alerts for a specific period. To do this, you need to create a custom motion schedule for your Ring device and set it up on the ring app. There is also a setting in the Ring app allowing you to set how long you want the motion alerts to be paused.

Follow these steps:

  • Open the ring application
  • Click on the Ring doorbell
  • Click on Motion recording settings
  • After that, you can turn it off, and finally, you have successfully turned off your ring camera.

Turn off Ring’s internet access

Ring cameras are essentially just smart doorbells with a camera attached. But they do have a few features that we didn’t mention previously.

It’s intended to send you notifications when people ring the doorbell, but it will notify you if anyone comes too close to the camera. It uses GPS to detect this, so put it in another room or get someone over there to test the Ring.

But some people aren’t happy with the Ring, for this reason, so we’ll show you how to disable it. But before we do, make sure that you’ve turned off your Ring camera’s internet connection for this to work.

Use a physical barrier

You can use a blanket, curtain, or stand-alone privacy screen as a physical barrier and physically disconnect the Ring from your wireless network. Ensure you know where the camera is located.

Ensure that you know where the camera is attached before you start disabling it. If not, then you’ll end up with the wrong address being sent when someone rings your doorbell (which means they will see your property).

Advantages Of Ring Camera

The main advantage of a Ring camera is that it gives you a live feed of who is at your door or notification if you’re not home and acts like security cameras. It also comes with two-way audio so you can talk to whoever is at your door.

Essentially this will act just like your regular doorbell, but with the added features of getting alerted that someone is there and being able to talk to them through the app. You can also get alerts if someone walks past your home, which is a nice feature.

Disadvantages of Ring Camera

One of the biggest issues with the Ring cameras is that they are very intrusive. They use wifi to communicate with the app and send notifications and emails. This means that they’re not only connected to your local wifi signal but also to anyone else in your local area who has a wireless signal too.

They don’t give off a wireless signal when installing these ring devices. To get the notification and live feed, you need the Ring wifi to be connected to your ring device, so anyone in range can pick up signals from your Ring device.

This means that nearby people can access any footage or photos taken by your camera. It can be problematic if you don’t want unwanted eyes looking at your property, or you have neighbors whose wifi signal covers part of your property.

Wrap It Up

As you can see, there are a few different ways to disable the Ring camera from sending you notifications if you don’t want them. It may not be as simple as turning it off using your router, and that’s really what we’re here to help with.

If you want to turn off ring cameras permanently, we recommend first trying the motion alerts. You can do this by going to the Ring app, selecting your device, and choosing the motion sensitivity. Once you’ve done that and turned it off, then try closing the app too.

If that works, your next step is to disconnect your unit from the router physically. It can be done by unplugging it, turning off your router, taking it out of its box, and smartly plugging it back in again. It does depend on your router and the router you have. We can’t guarantee that it will work for everyone, but it’s worth a try.

Ring Doorbells are the newest gadgets on the block, but they are not perfect ring devices. I will be writing more articles to help you understand their flaws and fix them. Hopefully, this article helps you understand that there is nothing wrong with you if you do not want these cameras in your home and that they should never be installed by anyone other than a professional.

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