Hi, I am Robert, Founder of MyCamKit

I am the man behind this website. I am the one who reviews cameras, lenses, straps and all other kinds of photography equipment. I am also among some of the nicest people you are going to meet in this industry.

I have been creating high-quality photography guides and I am always on the lookout for new and innovative vendors.


MyCamKit features articles, guides and reviews that will have you shooting amazing shots in no time!

What makes me qualified to write about photography?

Well there are many things I can tell you but one of them is my passion for the art and my willingness to share it with others.

I shoot professionally on weddings and have been featured in many international magazines.


I have been doing photography for nearly five years and I have spent thousands of hours on the art.

MyCamKit is my brainchild; I created this website to let fellow photographers know what equipment they should consider when buying new lens, camera or camera accessories. I also share reviews and guides to help you make the right choices.

I love working with people and I always try to find a way to help them understand the importance of using the right gear.


I always consider myself a friendly, likeable and honest person 🙂

To sum it all: Remember that you can always count on me.

Your friend,